iBlogger for iOS & macOS

C9F648D4-6CFB-4585-A344-798A18BB6AFAIf you have found this site, you have found one of the places where we sometimes test new versions of iBlogger for iOS and iBlogger for macOS (formerly known as “ecto”).

If you have an iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, or other computer running macOS Sierra or High Sierra, you might enjoy our software.

You can find current versions of our software on the App Store for Mac, including EyeSpy and some of our popular games from our Infinity GamePaX series (the first games brought to Apple’s Mac OS X platform in the Rhapsody days from NeXTSTEP!) Still a big hit, we’re working to bring our entire game series to Apple’s App Store for macOS.

EyeSpy-BalloonsEyeSpy for macOS – free download (some characters available via In-App Purchase). Remember the cartoon eyes which follow your mouse cursor? We made an all new version in Apple’s new programming language, Swift.

EyeSpy comes with EyeSpy Guy and offers additional characters through the In-App Purchase store built into EyeSpy. Some new characters are free, some are available for a small fee, which helps us bring you more cool software.

BabelBloX – a super fun, colorful, game for macOS. Delightful!

HoppiX – a marble hopping board game. Loved by many!

HextriX – falling shapes made from combinations of hexagons. Challenging!

RuniX – a tile matching game inspired by Mahjong but not Mahjong! Very popular.


You can learn more about our products by visiting our company web site here:  illumineX

BabelBloX logo games for Mac
illumineX BabelBloX – games for macOS


Revised: Sunday August 12, 2018